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Aug 31, 2014

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Now obviously while there were some major heavy hitters tied to the Baroque art movement (I’m talking Rubens, Raphael, Hals), Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) stands apart as the Baroque art visionary – with his moody, richly textured and dramatic body of work setting the Baroque art standard. 


Caravaggio was born in Milan but moved to Caravaggio in 1577 with his parents to escape the plague in Milan. Both Caravaggio’s parents died relatively early in his life and he remained in the Caravaggio-Milan area as the painter Simone Peterzano’s apprentice from 1584-1588) and then spent a number of years jumping from one job...

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For my inaugural blog post(s) at Art House Reproductions, I’ve decided to discuss the Baroque movement and Caravaggio – this is not just because my most favorite art words are so prevalent in this era (see: impasto and chiaroscuro)(more on those later) but also because as everyone says first impressions are important and there’s no art movement more dramatic than Baroque to make a lasting first impression!  I’ll split this week’s posts into three thematically related sections: a general background on the Baroque movement, a brief biography on Caravaggio and finally an analysis of three of Caravaggio’s paintings. 


The Baroque art...

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Impressionism is perhaps the first truly modern style of art. The early Impressionists rejected the rules and formalities of the realistic style of painting that was popular during the early nineteenth century. They sought to convey not just the literal scene that the eye sees, but also intangibles such as the passage of time and various states of mind. By playing with light and shading effects, the Impressionist painters found that they could convey the impression of movement, changing weather, and even mood. They not only created new painting techniques but they also adopted a trend of selecting nontraditional subject matters that made...

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Today we are shipping a Picasso Reproduction to Pflugerville, Texas. The painting has a kind of sketch quality to it, and the frame nicely accents the reds hues in the painting. We only recently added the Canterbury, but it's easily one of our best sellers for a wide range of painting styles. 


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We have recently added new frames to our collection for 2012. One of the frames that we are really excited about is the "Moderne" frame, which provides a simple yet elegant solution to a wide range of paintings. In this example, the frame nicely complements a Dali Painting. Below are some samples of the artwork and painting together.


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Thousands of new paintings being added to our collection!

We are adding thousands of paintings to our collection, so be sure and check back often

This week we''re adding Picasso, Monet, and Renoir paintings to our collection. Don''t forget, for all paintings ordered you can take off 15% + an additional 10% off using the coupon code + free worldwide shipping!

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Here is a closeup look at one of our popular new frames, the Rustic Art Frame. With hints of bronze, rich texture, and simplicity complements both classical and abstract style paintings. In this photo of  Undergrowth With Ivy 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh, the natural colors of the painting provide a great match for an Impressionist style painting.

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I hope everyone had a happy Mother's day. We're very excited to start introducing a special area dedicated to paintings being shipped every week. This allows us to give hightlights to all the exciting things we have going on this year. What's so exciting, you ask? Well, we added 4 new frames in April, 22,000 paintings in March, and this week we will be updating our Rothko section to include more of his works. For now, here is a look at this week's painting, on it's way to Aliso, Viejo, CA. The painting is entitled "Portrait of Mrs Siddons as the Tragic Muse" by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

I hope everyone had a happy Mother's day. We're...